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Brian Stewart Has the Last Laugh

(First published in Planet Magazine, 1995)


After reading my review, Laurie was a little hesitant to go back to Abba's to collect her portrait. I assured her Stewart wouldn't be angry, that he would be happy for the press. He was. And he was a good sport. He sent Laurie back to the Planet office with a present: a signed copy of a third "Imp" book, Gates of Hell.

In case you can't read it, it says, "To Cooley / Laughter the key to a happy life / Thanks for a belly full")


Several years after I wrote the article, I was in front of a convenience store, on the phone with AAA after yet another breakdown. It was probably about 8 in the morning. So who should walk up with an armful of books to stuff into the phone kiosks but Brian Stewart hisownself?

I'm trying to give directions to AAA so my car can be towed; I'm also debating whether to let Stewart know who I am. I said to him, "These phones are kinda wet, y'know," to which he responded, "Plenty more where these came from!" and hopped happily back into his sports car & sped off to spread more joy. Or fiction. Whichever.

A couple of years later Stewart closed up his huge antique store ("an acre of antiques and Mickey Mouse museum for the kiddies!") and headed for who knows where ...

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