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Having disposed of one kind of crap, I immediately began running into other kinds of crap. Project Whip It! encountered myriad forms of (as Lady Kathy calls it) obstaculation. I had to get the car titled, registered, and insured. I had to do my taxes. I had to chop down four trees. I had to get a good head start on writing projects for four different clients.

And I had to decorate the car.

I had considered waiting until I reached Houston to affix the albums to the car. But I received the parade application from The Orange Show only about a week and a half before it's due. That wouldn't be a problem except that they require two photos of the art car.

Strictly speaking, I don't have an art car yet.

Actually, I don't even have the car--Mechanic Stan is still replacing a cylinder head, and he's on vacation for the week. Lady Kathy checks & reports back that the photo rule is strict--no way around it.

Of course I immediately thought of Photoshop fakery. But then I found out The Orange Show wouldn't accept color copies--they had to be actual photographs. So I drove out to Mechanic Stan's place at the foot of the Superstition Mountains, a mere THIRTY MILES AWAY--taking along my 6-yr-old niece. If fakery it would take, fakery we would perpetrate.

Exhibit 7a: Portrait of a Niece Purposefully Adjusting Her Cap in Anticipation of the Perpetration of an Outlandish Mountebankery

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