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Because I wasn't sure (1) I'd be able to hook up with the Caravan, and (2) Whip It! would make it to Houston unaided, it seemed like a good idea to look for a tow. Burford offered to tow it with his Dodge Caravan. This made the trip a chance for redemption of the ill-fated Xmas Lucky Tripp '95. (Lucky was an art car given to me by X Magazine (now Dryer). It was a 1975 Pontiac Grande Ville with the roof sawed off and Fisher-Price Little People painted all over it. The huge smiling face of Lucky the Dog graced the hood, while the Fisher-Price plane was on the trunk, dropping both altitude and passengers. I dressed as Santa Claus for the trip, while 6'5" Burford donned elf gear. Unfortunately, I drove Lucky into the ground on Route 66 outside of Normal, Illinois, and we had to ditch him. So I'm looking at the Art Car Weekend trek as sort of an in memoriam adventure .)

We were supposed to hook up with the West Coast Caravan at Phoenix artspace The Ice House, but we got bypassed. We did get to meet some cool people, including Jose Benavides, builder of this amazing Virgin Mary made from auto license plates. I'd seen this car once before, in an antechamber of the Ice House before the Laibach show. (Unfortunately, Jose was not able to come along with us to Houston.)

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