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Signs Along the Way

Outside ABQ, Burford notes that the KOA sign resembles the Burning Man logo.
I'm more interested in the strange wording of New Mexico highway signs. New Mexico's highway department needs an editor. Who's writing their sign copy--ESL students? "Gusty Winds May Exist." I'm sure they do--somewhere. Nice random observation about the world. But if they mean, "Caution: Gusting Winds," why don't they put that on their sign? (In Texas, the signs say "Strong Wind Currents.") I saw another NM sign that said, "Official Use Only Crossover." That's a construction almost worthy of Matt Gerson! Wouldn't "Crossover for Official Use Only" be easier on the highway-fatigued brain?
On the other hand, left turns are cheerfully performed.
Texas has some interesting ideas for penal community service.

Signs I didn't get photos of & wish I had:
"ASS OF ICE" (Used to say "Assay Office") (Somewhere in Texas or New Mexico)
"OBSERVE ALL WARNING SIGNS" ("But Officer, just because I didn't obey them doesn't mean I didn't observe them..")

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