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Kathy's uniform is from Houston. Burford and I got our uniforms in Chandler, AZ at Uncle Miltie's Used Uniforms. That's not its real name, but the owner reminded me of Milton Berle. He was really cranky. His price on the "new condition" used uniforms was $18. I found one with rust stains on it & asked the price.

"Eighteen bucks," said Milton.

"Eighteen? I thought you said new condition uniforms are eighteen."

"It's new condition," said Milton.

"But this one has rust stains on it," I protested.

Uncle Miltie shrugged sarcastically. "Well ... what do you know!"

I got him down to $15 anyway. He was okay after all. We also picked up our name tags, & Uncle Miltie helped us dig through the whole box full. I got one for the rat ("Ben") and two for me: "Mingo" and "Guy O." I decide to redub myself "Pico de Guy O." The name does not stick.

Kathy's uniform was new, so the official Cream Team logos came out much better on hers than on the others.

The Wagnerized logos from the official Cream Team pit crew uniforms are here.

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