Bigrig Bounty from Bigrig Bigwigs!!

(You'll want to read From OakLand to PortLand: Bigrig Conducts Wagner.
Then some of the booty pictured below might make sense.)

Wagner returned from Bigrig's hands with kind sentiments and a homemade Oakland travel sticker.
And a buncha other cool stuff!
A poster from the Portland SubGenius Devival.

(Nothing's pictured actual size here, of course.)

Check out the mini-Wagner, rescued from an antique store by Bigrig!
Herr Richard Wagner gets his own grease monkey name tag.
Herr Wagner also gets his own paper hat.
One of Bigrig's important pamphlets. Menu with official Bigrig notations.
Two slices of "HAVE A NICE DAY" toast were also included. Requisite!
Speaking of toast, here's a postcard from the Toaster Museum.
And the perfect thing to top it off--Whipped Cream (two copies!).

B I G R I G !

See ya at Burning Man 98!