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It wasn't difficult for Whip It! to observe the posted 5 mph playa speed limit. She didn't raise any dust, but she raised a lot of smoke and the ire of our campmates, the Celestial Sluts. Fortunately, their ire was only temporary.
Wagner enjoys the best ride of the day (not that Whip It! offered much by way of competition...)

(Note how empty the playa is at this point)
Shortly after arrival, Wagner was visited by Shale B. Well (Serge's pal), who also offered comfort and succour to poor Whip It!
Here's our corner of the NeighBarHood as it appeared later. Check out my alien cow bicycle. Oddly, I hadn't even known that this year's theme had something to do with aliens. I just had the alien face backpack and cowskull with me.
Photo by Mark Simple
Would've been real bright if I'd thought to take a better photo of it.
Someone asked about the Creamcycle. "Oh, she's in pieces in the trunk of my car," I said. Who'd have believed a guy'd ever use a sentence like that twice in a single lifetime?