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Across from NeighBarHood was some camp full of hippies. Brrrrrrbleah!

The hippies had some huge helium rainbow hippie balloons on about a forty-foot line. Whenever Max noticed them drifting over our camp, Max would shout, "PROTECT OUR AIRSPACE!" and take shots at the balloons with her potato cannon.

Then a massive wind came up. Is that a Black Rock Ranger under the Deuce of Clubs ensign? Difficult to tell -- more and more dust was getting whipped into the air.
I climbed on top of Whip It! to check things out.

Visibility was decreasing fast.

Photo by Dr. Cliff

Photo by Dr. Cliff
Except in Hippie Kamp, where, unfortunately, visibility was increasing. Some peacenik earthlover apparently was communing with Mother Earth by means of a moose antler. What was this supposed to accomplish? How should I know? Ask a stupid hippie.
Photo by Dr. Cliff
To make things worse, as I was getting cleaned up, the hippies stuffed their unauthorized nudeness into MY phone booth. Fortunately, NeighBarHoodians were around to run them out.

But not before snapping this shaming photo.

Photo by Dr. Cliff

Photo by Dr. Cliff
This egregious hippie behavior was altogether too much for Max to take. She marched into Hippie Kamp & snatched the moose antler.

Stupid hippies.

(I would like to add that hippie-bashing isn't nearly as fun with a shaved head as it is with long hair.)