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Time to unload all baggage that is not emotional. That stays tightly packed, for future fun hijinx.

There was also an oversized bicycle jammed in here.

This is all very important. Pay attention.

Don't worry about what the big white & black upside-down rectangular thing is just yet. We'll get to it.

Don't pay that much attention.

People kept asking about the tree-shaped dent in the top of the camper ("Hey'djoo do that? Hyuk."), so to save both time and lives, I painted the answer for them: "NO, MY DAD DID IT, BUT THANX 4 ASKING." That helped, until it faded. Then I just shot people instead.

I didn't really shoot anyone.

Such forethought, to remember to get a terrific shot of the official glow-in-the-dark Deuce of Clubs bicycle figurehead cow skull.

Yes, that was sarcasm.

The Deuce of Clubs welcome sign (visible to the right of the camper in the camp shot).

(Yes; it is painted on the back of the Wagner Lager sign from Burning Man Past.)