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Saw lots of old pals again.

Here is Gump.

He is not a hippie.

He is eating flesh.

I don't know why he's dressed that way. There may have been a reason.

(Think that getup's frightening? You should have seen him in his blood-stained Disgruntled Postal Workers uniform, toting a meat cleaver...)

Gump donated many much-coveted Frozen Bug stickers. He is the owner of The Host, the van that has a giant bug living on top of it. (Here's The Host at Burning Man 97.)

Gump also vouchsafed advice on women, which for some reason I didn't follow. Partly because I'm not sure I remember what it was. So maybe I did follow it, after all. Thanks, Gump!

Gump left an interesting message inside the Analog Answering Machine (which had a short message on top about leaving messages).

Adrian left some sort of hygiene poem.

This is not the Adrian of Piss Clear and Blue Period (although a certain Postal Worker in our camp probably couldn't tell the difference...)