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Photo by Britain
One day, parachutists thoughtlessly dropped upon us those rainbow-y tube things. No idea what they're called. One fell in our camp. I crawled inside to investigate. No luck; no parachutist corpses inside. Then Molly wouldn't let me out. I couldn't complain, because apparently it was Be Cruel to Claustrophobics Day, and I hadn't known.

Learning is important to me.

Wagner tried to claim the tube in the name of Queen Isabela of Portugal, but eventually the parachutists came for it & they were big & stuff & there were a bunch of them & he didn't consider the stupid thing worth putting his porcelain on the line for.

That was his story, anyway.

Evidently some sort of plan hatching. Maybe we were watching Cliff shoot flaming spuds from a potato cannon.
Photo by Bethany