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From: Phillip B.
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006

I recently came into possesion of a copy of this book and was wondering if you had any further information on it?

greetings. all i know about the bible in the hands of its creators is up here on the website.i would highly recommend horowitz's book thirty-three candles, which gives an insider's view of the whole bizarre story.

From: Phil B.
Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2006

Doc, I have scanned the letters that I have found in my copy of the book. It looks like they went a bit farther to correct the signature foul up. It makes some interesting reading, Looks like old Moses himself finally corrected it..still hunting around for a copy of 33 candles.

Feel free to include the additional information on the site. The book I have come into possession of belonged to one of my more eccentric Grandparents. (whom I think may have been an original member of the 1000) I know it has been sitting unviewed since the mid seventies.

interesting reading, indeed. wild stuff. it's not surprising that they'd go to such lengths to try to straighten things out, give how aber, the imposter moses, had taken over things in guibbory's absence. fascinating.
i just just checked bookfinder and there are currently 17 copies of thirty-three candles available, ranging in price from $153 all the way down to $22. it's well worth a read.
i know that comparatively few people were ever involved in the guibbory groups, but it still seems as though this story would be better known--it's such a good one.

I noticed I forgot to include a scan of the bookmark that was issued with the first edition, That is the last bit of information I can add......

many, many thanks for your contributions, phil. excellent stuff.

From: Mac S.
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005

Dear sir ; I read your posting about the bible in the hands of its creators.I acquired copy #36 several years ago,signed ,with a letter inside from David Horowitz. Does this book have any value? Where should I go to find out?

given its relative scarcity, i would guess the blue book must be more valuable than the average old book. how much? i wish i knew. maybe a book dealer would be able to help with an appraisal. like anything else, its monetary worth is exactly what someone would be willing to pay for it. if you find out anything solid, please let me know.

From: Mac S.
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2005

We took the book into a major book store in Portland, Oregon

was it the downtown powell's? i wonder whether you talked to my friend cupcake, who, last i knew, worked in the rare books room.

and they said it could be worth $450-$600, but because of a little discoloration on the front, it would be worth $200.

Do you have interest in purchasing the book?

well, i'm afraid that'd be outside my price range, but thanks for the offer, and thanks for the information.

From: Ron F.
Subject: the blue book
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2004

The Blue Book is a very important document that few realize the significance.

what significance do you mean?

I reckon the significance is the revelations in the Blue Book.
There are many.

how did you come to know about the blue book?

I heard about the Blue Book after meeting with David Horowitz who had a big part in getting the blue book published. He wote a book called 33 candles - it tells the storey about how & why it was put together.

Check your signature - if theres a sticker over a name and then another name you got the real signature.

i don't have the book with me right now, but as i recall, the signature was on a sticker. any way to know without removing the sticker? or is this one of those butcher cover types of deals? (there's a scan of it here, but i assume you've seen that already.)

If there's a sticker over a name - then the signature on the sticker is correct. Do you have any more copies?

just the one. lo siento.

From: JH
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003
Subject: David Horowitz

I have looked in vain among the online used booksellers for a copy of Thirty-three Candles, David Horowitz's 1949 autobiography which you feature on your website.

I'm British and am interested in it because my 95-year-old uncle is Harold "Boake" Carter's first cousin. We have learned from your excerpts that Carter played a part in the Guibbory saga and would like to acquire Horowitz's book. Are you able to suggest a possible source?


how interesting. it is certainly an endlessly fascinating book, though you are right that it can be difficult to find a copy.

much as i would like to sell mine for some unconscionably exorbitant price, i see that there are currently two copies at bookfinder.

for some reason, they do not appear in the results if you search by the author's name. but if you type "thirty-three candles" into the Title field, you will find one copy for sale from a south african bookseller for $11.33 (USD) and another from your neck of the woods at $26.96.

if you would like to tell me your impressions after you read the book, i would be interested to hear them.

best wishes,

Carter is a puzzling figure. The bulk of what I have found on the net is news to my uncle, who had only heard there was some sort of scandal attached to him in America. In the 1935-36 Hooper Ratings list his nightly CBS newscast was in 13th place nationally, above Bing Crosby and Eddie Cantor. That's pretty big. And yet a few years later CBS dropped him for being too controversial.

Politically he's hard to pin down. He was British, yet a rabid "America First" supporter. On the one hand he evidently supported the Anschluss and thought Mein Kampf was one of the world-changing books, and on the other he was closely involved with Jews like Horowitz and Guibbory. Intriguing.

From: JH
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003
Subject: David Horowitz

The copy of Horowitz's book had gone from the London shop, so I bought the one from S. Africa -- it was actually sent from their branch in Israel.

wow. that got to you pretty fast.

You asked me to say what I thought about it -- in a word, mind-blowing.

it truly is one of the strangest stories i've ever read. i think it would make a good subject for a film.

I'm not qualified to judge the scriptural element, and naturally my main focus of interest is on my Uncle's cousin Boake Carter. Especially as [my cousin] knew nothing about Carter's notoriety (though he remembers his mother, and thinks she had some exotic belief connected with the pyramids).

As a religious sceptic I find it hard to understand how highly intelligent people like Carter and Horowitz could fail to suspect there was something fishy about Moses and Aber. Both the latter were clearly gifted people with powerful personalities. But it so often seems to happen that those types take advantage of their disciples' credulity to become sexual predators. Not to mention big spenders of other peoples' money. Yet Carter and Horowitz were so bewitched that they continued to believe after mounting evidence of duplicity.

i've spent quite a lot of my time studying how people are manipulated into seemingly inexplicable behavior (whether cultish, as with the manson outfit, or political, as with national socialism or stalinism), and one sad fact of human affairs always manages to manifest itself, which is that it is in some ways easier to fool very intelligent people than it is to fool ordinary people. the executive leaders of national socialism, for example, tended to be professionals -- doctors, lawyers, holders of doctorates (Ohlendorf is a typical example).

Yes, the credulity of the intelligentsia was a feature of 20th century political movements. One reason I'm suspicious of intellectuals -- or rather people who like to think they are intellectuals.

The picture presented of Carter's personality is revealing. Arrogant and unbalanced are words that spring to mind. My cousin has ordered a 30-page article about him from the Hist. Soc of Pennsylvania, written in fairly recent times by a professor at Louisiana State University. It will be interesting to see if the prof has read Thirty-three Candles.

LSU ... interesting. do you know the professor's name? LSU is strong in Voegelinian studies, and a Voeglinian perspective would be very interesting to read.

The author of the pamphlet on Boake Carter is Prof. David Holbrook Culbert of the LSU History Dept.

Meanwhile thanks so much for putting the excerpts on the net and alerting us to this extraordinary story.

de nada. i wish the book would be republished, so more people could read it. i think the story is worthwhile, instructive, and one hell of a fun read.

From: Fred H.
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002

Thanks for your piece on The Bible in the Hands of Its Creators-- OK I have Copy #661. (undoubtedly the numbers have cabbalistica sig.)

you suspect they are not merely sequential?

By my theology, its still divine providence even if the Satan's mark of inspiration is present.

not sure what you mean ... even though there's a mss. variant of 616, how does 661 fit in?

Anyway, I think I got this from Virginia Seminary Library's throw away pile, courtesy of my wife-- but I'm not exactly sure that's how it ended up in my basement-- and is now for today at least in my study-- along with the Biblia Hebraica, the Greek NT and a few other books. So what do you think this is or what is it an expression or part of -- Theology- i.e. doctrine of God sounds like glorified yin-yang pan-entheism. Jesus is written off as THE false prophet, really THE anti-Messiah, the great deciever (because HE appeared so good!!!) and so on.

it is (the late) rabbi guibbory's presentation of his messiah credentials

But I wonder where all the other copies are. AND.... why is my MOSES GUIBBORY signature so different from yours. I don't have a scanner-- It's just much thinner and elongated- really looks quite different-- Will the real Moses G. please stand up. Pt. of "mystery of iniquity"?

according to a guibbory family member, many of the moses guibbory signatures were forged.

From: Fred H.
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002

Thank you for your reply. My comment about cabbalistic significance of the numbered copies was really just flippant and facetious- no offense intended. It did follow however on your own wonder at the sudden providential appearance of your copy at a used bookstore?) Continuing on with the flippancy, I suppose we could say that my number (661) means that 5 which is the number of divine grace

(read your bullinger, have you?)

keeps me from 666 - and we know what that is. Of course the numbers are sequential. Ah- but what is the sequence. ? Thanks for your website- I enjoyed looking at it. What's the connection to Amy Grant? I've always enjoyed her music and freedom of spirit.

the mandible may be connected to moses guibbory, but if she is, she hasn't said anything about it

From: Jeffrey D.
Subject: The Bible In the Hands of Its Creators
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002

I noticed some questions on your email board about the different signatures, I can answer these questions if you like.

(yes, please)

The book was written by Moses Guibbory, and David Horowitz. Horowitz met Guibbory while he was living in the Sanhedrin Cave outside of Jerusalem in 1927. Guibbory convinced Horowitz that he was the messiah, and Horowitz dedicated his life to Guibbory and his work. Guibbory used Horowitz terribly, sending him back to the USA to solicit large donations and set up a foundation. It was Horowitz, with the help of a few others (Including the then famous Boake Carter radio personality) who actually go the book published. When all the work was done, Guibbory came to the US and took the whole thing over, took Carter's house, possessions, and wife, and tossed Horowitz. During the time that Horowitz was struggling to get the book published for Guibbory, a mysterious black man called "Aber Goldstein" conned Horowitz into believing that he was Moses Guibbory in another body. The book was published before Guibbory actually arrived in the US, so Aber "signed" the books "as" Guibbory. By the time Guibbory arrived, Aber had been picked up by the FBI on past charges (he had also been sexually abusing Boake Carter's wife and another young girl) and Moses was furious that Horowitz had been duped by Aber. Moses signed the rest of the books, and in some cases actually signed OVER the forgery of Aber. Guibbory lapsed into obscurity, but Horowitz went one to work for the UN and was an accomplished statesman.

muchas gracias. that definitely clears things up some.

From: Bruce D.
Subject: The Bible in the Hands of It's [sic] creators
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002

I have been looking for this book for a while. I read your brief review on it and wondered if you knew where a person could buy one or at least borrow one for a while.

that's a tough one. every time someone writes asking, i check the net, but i've never seen one listed. i don't think many were printed.
eventually I'll be selling mine, when I locate it.

From: IG
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002
Subject: deuce of clubs raves on guibbory


I found a thread concerning Guibbory while searching for something else. I wrote to you a while back about the signatures in his book, which you refer to in the thread (Fred H. 8/26/02). From his description, Fred's signature is authentic. the one in your book is not (sigh).

Jeffrey H's contribution of 10/20/02 is essentially true. Jeffrey H seems to have in-depth knowledge of obscure facts. I would welcome his additional comments, preferably on a one-to-one basis. My amendments to his statement (to my best knowledge) are as follows.

Guibbory was the author of the book which he wrote in Hebrew (some parts of the original manuscript still exist in his hand). Horowitz and Guibbory together translated the work into English.

The "Aber Goldstein" reference actually should be to "Aber Goldberg". Guibbory never forgave Horowitz for falling for Aber's deception.

Carter signed his house over to his wife "in consideration of love and devotion", but later divorced her, possibly because of Aber's abuse. Guibbory eventually married Carter's ex-wife to whom he remained devoted until his death.

Bruce D's interest in finding a copy of the book (11/20/02) should lead him to the main branch of the New York Public Library on 42nd St. or to the Library of Congress. Guibbory's family have retained some copies but would not likely part with them.

Carter died in 1944 after a routine hernia operation, Guibbory of natural causes in 1985, his widow in 2001. David Horowitz reached the venerable age of 99, passing late this year.

Guibbory was sincere in his belief about his own messianic destiny. The depth and subtlety of thought he possessed and his powers of analysis were immense and real. Unfortunately, delusions of omniscience, obsession with recognition and insistence upon obedience and unchallenged authority alienated him from the mainstream and left deep scars upon anyone in his umbrage.

funny, people often say exactly the same thing about someone i know. fortunately for us both, i readily and regularly bow in obedience to his unchallenged authority.

From: Guibbory
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002
Subject: what is books of the weak?

stumbled across your site while searching google for references to a relative, who happens to be an author of one of your listed books. Curious assemblage. Do you have a purpose or are you just collecting weird stuff?

do you insist upon a difference?

Lord knows there's plenty of it out there. BTW your cavalier tone is more appropriate in some places than others. Just my opinion.

btw, your ancestor claimed to be the messiah and "that all prophets had predicted his own coming to this world." doesn't get much more cavalier than that.


(p.s. -- whatever did happen to moses guibbory? do you know? people write in from time to time, trying to buy the book.)

The book is no longer in print, obviously, but copies do exist. I believe yours has gold leafed pages if it is one of the first 1000. They were printed before Mr Guibbory's arrival in the US. The signature is a forgory by an imposter who sought to profit from the small group of followers the book generated, and was later jailed.

From: Faith
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001

I am a part of a foundation called United Israel World Union that was started in the 40's. David Horowitz was responsible for the publication of Moses Guiborry's translation, nicknamed "The Blue Book".

He spent 10 years of his life - in complete dedication and sacrifice to TYPE (with NO electricity much less PC's) the translation and have it print ready. David is the president of our foundation still - he turned 98 years (young) on April 9, 2001! He holds the oldest office lease in the United Nations and still writes a column.

I am leaving tomorrow morning for NYC to be with David and the rest of the UIWU for a celebration in David's honor.

If you want to sell the book (after you move and find it....) I would LOVE to have a copy - please keep me in mind!

Thank you.

Best regards,

From: BenNoah
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999
Subject: Bible in the Hands of its creators?

I have tried to locate such book for years. Are you interested in selling the one you have?

lo siento, son of noah. i believe i'll hang onto mine. you might try checking the online used book services-- there are lots of them & w/patience one of them might be able to find you a copy.

best of luck,

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