How to Contact Deuce of Clubs
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Note that any e-mail received at Deuce of Clubs may be considered a pathetic appeal for public recognition and/or ridicule and may therefore appear in the Raving Critics section of this website. Can you take it?
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Well, Recaptcha appears to be dead (that is, it was acquired by the Most Definitely Do Evil company, Google). So much for helping to digitize books to be put online for everyone and being all helpful and futuristic and stuff. So anyway, now here's how to get at me:

Now, if you want to send cool stuff (such as articles about Whip It!, the Mojave Phone Booth, this web site, or stuff on the gimme list) to our P.O. Box, or enter Deuce of Clubs contests, here's the address you use:

DOC, PO BOX 281, BISBEE AZ 85603

UNLESS you want me to get whatever you send right away, in which case please contact me at the email address above.