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Granny wasn't ALWAYS a hundred years old!

9 December, 1999: Granny died last night, just one month short of her 101st birthday.

RIP Granny

January, 2000 update:
Granny loved chocolate. In fact, during her last years it was about all you could get her to eat. She didn't want food, would barely take any liquids, but leave a box of chocolates there & come back the next day ... she'd offer you some, but they'd turn out to be all be gone.

Without chocolate, Granny just didn't look natural in her coffin, so one of my uncles remedied the situation.

Later, from a short distance, one of my cousins saw Granny in her coffin and remarked on the "cute little bible" in Granny's hands.

It wasn't until she got closer that she noticed that this bible was manufactured by Hershey's. Then she noticed that another Granny mainstay was missing -- Granny always had a hankie in her sleeve.

So Ma went and retrieved one.

Granny's kids always told Granny that her index fingers went crooked from Granny shaking them at people.

Here's Granny in younger days, as a pup of 93.

See ya, Gran.

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