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Wallace (Bill Thompson) of Wallace and Ladmo

For 35 years, every kid in Arizona watched The Wallace & Ladmo Show, which began in 1954 under the name It's Wallace! They used to travel the state every weekend, putting on stage shows for kids all over Arizona. Their show wasn't mindless and condescending. It was live TV, satirical and irreverent. Kids used to love it when Wallace and Ladmo would mock their own sponsors.

Wallace, Ladmo, and Gerald
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Sadly, Ladmo died a few years ago. However, Wallace ...

Hey! It's Wallace!

Wagner met Wallace after a performance of a stage play that recreated the show. Wallace was coaxed onstage by the crowd's chanting of "WAL-LACE! WAL-LACE! WAL-LACE!" It sounded just like the chant in Braveheart.

Wallace is one of Wag's all-time favorite celebrities and an all-around cool guy.

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And here's the original Dialing for Dollars guy from KPHO (channel 5) in Phoenix. Ma used to do the ironing watching him in the afternoons.

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