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Jose Canseco

Everyone's Favorite Attorney Joshua and I attended the N. Hollywood film festival screening of Mojave Phone Booth (full-on Wagner foto action to follow in due course, of course). Director John Putch (definitely One Of Us) has generously donated the prop phone booth from the film to the Deuce of Clubs cause, & after the movie we transferred the booth from John's car to Xenia the Xplorer Xtravan and when we got back to the front of the theater, David DeLuise was swearing up & down that Jose Canseco had walked by moments before. Sure enough, we could see him walking about a block away.

And, sure enough, after him we went, with a hearty "Let's fuck with Jose Canseco!"

Who turned out to be very cool, especially considering that two goofballs ran up the street with a statue and a camera and importuned him as he was about to pull away in his SUV.

Canseco was gracious enough to roll down his window for a photo and a smile:

And the blatant display of not inconsiderable man-titty:

So, no 'roid rage from Jose, but double-plenty from his miffed-out companion.

Three questions for the pretty girl with the pearl necklace:

1. Jose Canseco?
2. Same question—but louder.
3. You're in Hollywood with a 6-foot-four-inch celebrity and you're shocked that goofballs will snap his photo with a statue?

Okay, fine, leave out the statue part, and it still sounds nutty. You're out with someone who craves celebrity enough to wear women's panties on VH-1. (And if you say that you don't crave celebrity, see questions 1 and 2.)

Then again, maybe she was pissed because up until then she thought she was on a date with Jose's twin brother, Ozzie Canseco:

At Burning Man this year (no Wagner foto action to follow, lo siento), Joshua gave me a swell-ass t-shirt reading WWJCD: What Would Johnny Cash Do?

After our Canseco encounter, Joshua re-acronymed WWJCD:

Wagner With Jose Canseco, Dude

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