Wagner's Confluence Adventure Page Beginning of this Confluence Adventure
After stuffing ourselves at a casino buffet, we decided to make a night-time attempt on the confluence. Do not make decisions on a full stomach; after meals, the brain lacks blood.

Heading south out of Vegas, there was freeway work everywhere; roads that were supposed to exist did not seem to exist. We ended up on the Boulder highway, heading south. I exited at a random exit. It turned out to be just the right one. We consolidated ourselves into a single vehicle & went roaming around some mountains. We soon discovered that reaching the confluence would require some hiking -- ill-advised in the nighttime desert. We headed to Boulder City for the night.

Photo by Mark Simple
In the morning, we returned, only to face more difficult obstacles. We drove to the foot of some small mountains and began climbing. Then the GPS unit gave out. We were very close to the confluence, but for accuracy's sake, we went back to the car for fresh batteries, then retraced our steps. The GPS gave out again. This was very strange. We thought it must be the radio towers.
Or maybe the National Guard was jamming things up. Who knew? In any case, it appeared to be a bad day for confluence-hunting. Plus, at this point, Mark and Wig had to head back to the Bay Area.
Photo by Molly Kiely