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From the confluence, we crossed the valley and visited the other B.
Photo by Molly Kiely

Photo by Molly Kiely
Here's a shot of the confluence B from atop the other B.
A school bus driver told us why B and not H for Henderson: seems Basic High School used to be near the confluence B, then it got moved towards the other side of the valley, so they put a B over there as well.

(Now, why "Basic" High School? That we didn't ask.)

This was an especially fun confluence because it was sort of a confluence at a confluence: a confluence of Wagner, Alex's Confluence Project, the Mountain Monograms project, and (because we had just come from there) the Mojave Phone Booth. (There's also Livi Henderson, who should have been on this trip with us.) Now, if only I could've brought Amy Grant's Mandible up there ...