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2 Lucky

We saw some killer bling draped around the neck of "Miss Kiki" at Waffle House one day. Babs decided that she needed some killer bling and that your blingless narrator did also. She went to the Kiki-recommended BBB Fashions to have Blingmeister Edgar whip up a Babsy for her and a 2 with a club symbol for me. When she returned from putting in the order, she wasn't worried about hers, but had doubts about mine:

"I don't have full confidence in yours coming out right, but that'll make it even funnier I guess."

Elaboracion, por favor?

"his english wasn't the best so as i tried to describe your desires (2 and club) he was saying what i wanted to hear, but the look in his eyes indicated he was going to space it out and fuck it up."

Would it have helped to say "dos de treboles," rather than "two of clubs?"

i don't think saying it in spanish would have helped... i think the problem was that he was just not willing to accept that someone would pay him that kinda dough for 2 characters. i think he thought he must be misunderstanding me - even though he wasn't.

Oh, but he was:

This bling was immediately dubbed "2 Lucky." About that same time, Lo had asked me whether I considered myself a lucky person. I am able to say with confidence that I am 2 Lucky.



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