Cream Team 2: Art Car Weekend 98
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In the morning I tightened the distributor clamp, and that got her moving--hesitantly. No tow this time--which is especially good because I'd forgotten to renew my AAA membership before I left. In search of a garage, I limped the car into Sheffield, which is five miles off the highway. There is no garage in Sheffield. There's 10 miles wasted.

From Ozona I called my mechanic, Jersey Stan, for advice. (His advice: "Better carry an extra distributor.") I decided I'd better join AAA. I torqued down the distributor clamp bolt again; I'll try to get it replaced in Houston. For now, I'm doing 70 mph eastward on a curiously empty I-10. No radio--gotta listen to the engine. But everything seems to be going well.

I thought I spied another art car ahead.
It was just a truck hauling chairs.

But artistically.