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"I Shit My Pants":
Spontaneous Ancient Literary Structure in Modern Colloquial Speech

by Clark Cooley, Ph.DL.DD.

Part II: The Audio

"I Shit My Pants" source file
(mp3 format)

How to download the mp3:

Download instructions are dependent upon your browser, settings, and audio players.

Typically, if you click the link above, the mp3 file will play in your browser. To save the mp3 file, right-click on the link and choose "Save as", "Save target as," or your browser's equivalent and choose the folder on your disk in which you want to save it.

While it is not necessary for the comprehension of our argument to hear the original audio of our source text -- a voicemail received in September of 2004 -- hearing the field recording as it was originally discovered cannot help but enhance understanding. Accordingly, you can download it using the link at right in mp3 format (approx. 730k).

Note: Given that the recording was transferred from cell phone voicemail to cassette tape recorder to digital file, the sound quality varies somewhat. For this reason, and for ease of explication, a transcript of the recording is provided on the following page.

After the download, continue on to examine the primary text.

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