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Blockhead Detector

(Another work-related Item. Last one for a while, I promise...)

I worked at a company that built a new office. When we moved into the new building, a co-worker found a block of wood with some velcro on it that had been left behind by the builders. For no reason that I can remember, she gave it to me as a present and either she or I labeled its constituent parts. The velcro enabled it to stick to my cube wall and in that position it superseded all existing HR intelligence tests:

What's that on your wall?
What's it look like?
I dunno. Looks like a block of wood, maybe?
What's it say right on the front of it?
Hmm. "Block of Wood." Hmm.
Your deductive skill will be noted on your performance review. Please go now.
Easy to see why the Block of Wood has followed me from job to job ever since, isn't it?