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"Oh, How She Could
Yacki Hacki Wicki Wacki Woo"

Words by Stanley Murphy &
Chas. McCarron
Music by Albert von Tilzer

I've been a roaming Romeo
Since I left my hom-e-o
I've never overlooked a bet
Met all comers and I meet 'em yet
I loved a girl in Timbuctoo
And lots of other places too
But the little Hula Hula
I met in Honolula
Broke my heart in two.

She had a Hula, Hula,
Hicki, Boola Boola
In her walk
She had a Ukalele
Wicki Wicki Waili
In her talk
And by the big Hawaiian moon
Beneath a banyan tree we'd spoon
I've been tryin'
To learn Hawaiian
Since that night in June
She had a blinky, blinky
Little naughty winky in her eye
She had a "Come and kiss me
Don't you dare to miss me"
In her sigh
Beneath the banyan parasol
She couldn't talk my talk at all
But, Oh, how she could
Yacki, Hacki, Wicki, Wacki, Woo
That's love in Honolu.

Now listen folks, I never knew
What she meant by "Wacki Woo"
But I found out and now I know
It's the same as "Ooggy Ooggy O"
In Honolula that means love
And that's just what I'm thinking of
But I'm not a goin' to fool her
I'm goin' to Honolula
To my Turtle Dove.

(Repeat Chorus)

Do What Now?*
Could this be the source of Hasil Adkins', "Punchy Wunchy Wicky Wacky Woo"?

(Sting might know. But I don't wanna ask him.)

* One of the Haze's favorite phrases; used in place of "I beg your pardon?"
(Thrift store acquisition, 199?)