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Sad Songs

People have been telling me about this 1972 album for years & years, but I'd never actually seen one until DJ 'Tine sent a copy from Jersey, in honor of one of Deuce of Clubs's esteemed contributors.

And it turns out to be a pretty funny album: 50s doo-wop & rock 'n' roll versions of 60s & 70s "rock" songs, such as "Honky Tonk Woman," "Purple Haze," and "Woodstock." (DJ 'Tine especially recommends their "Whole Lotta Love.") It's kind of like Roy Wood's Eddie & the Falcons, except it's all covers.

What's even funnier is the rumor (if it is just a rumor) that the perpetrators of this joke were Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes.

(Corroboration, anyone?)

(Thanks to 'Tine, who is still looking for Glo-Glo Boots)