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See how smiley-happy you will be IF you do what the government tells you?

Funny, that's probably what the hundreds of thousands of people in prison for consensual "crimes" are saying!


Drug Suckers

Propaganda, Persecution, and Prison

"It took more than 200 years for America to hold one million prisoners all at once, yet we have managed to incarcerate the second million in only the past 10 years." -- Cato Institute report

How did this happen? Mainly because of the government's foolish War on Drugs (or, as some have correctly termed it, "War on Some Drugs) and its attendant "Zero Tolerance" / Mandatory Minimum policy, whereby a person who gets caught using a drug other than alcohol or nicotine goes to prison with no chance of parole, while rapists and killers are let out early to make room for more ordinary folk who happen to prefer marijuana to beer.

Deuce of Clubs is not interested in drug use -- not even the legal drugs. We've done all the experimentation we're going to do in that direction. But how is it the business of the government to subsidize the use of some recreational drugs, while tyrannizing users of others? Worst of all, those who need marijuana for medical purposes are treated as criminals -- even in states where the voters have passed propositions legalizing its use. Currently the U.S. government is trying to put cancer sufferers such as Steve Kubby and Peter McWilliams in jail for using marijuana medicinally even though it is perfectly legal in the state of California, where they both reside.

We think that the proper activity of government is punishing people who use force or fraud against others, not persecuting individuals for making their own choices and pushing Orwellian slogan candy into the faces of children.

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