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Testamints and Squared Circles

Testamints: squared circles of power!

They're quite tasty, actually. And quite difficult to open. Be sure & bring scissors to heaven.

(We have to agree with King David's sentiment; in fact, it may be better to trust in anything, rather than trust in man.)

Now on to other things entirely beyond our comprehension: (1) pro wrestling and (2) the marketing decision behind giving Sour Slam bubble gum the slogan "The Squared Circle of Sour!" How many wrestling fans have any idea what "squaring the circle" means? (For that matter, how many wrestling fans are really intelligent enough to be trusted to operate motor vehicles? But that's a question for another Item.)

Then again ... a wrestling "ring" is actually a square ... maybe for once the marketers were onto something.

(Testamints courtesy of Molly; squared circles courtesy of Carrie.)