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We, Pee-wee

The year Pee-wee Herman was arrested, Pee-wee paraphernalia took a nosedive. The Pee-wee Herman halloween costume was going for a buck or two at the local outlet store, so a bunch of friends & I decided we would show our Pee-wee solidarity & all be Pee-wee. We must have looked pretty scary; when my friends came to pick me up, it was unnerving to open the door & see all these freaky Pee-wees bidding me Happy Halloween with their vacant Pee-wee stares. One tall, fashionable female among us had even tailored her costume's pants and wore stylish, open-toed shoes.

As we walked down the street on Halloween night, we experienced what Pee-wee himself experienced: people either cheered or jeered. A lot of guys yelled, "Faggots!" (You'd think they'd have been proud of Pee-wee for patronizing heterosexual porn at least ... but, no.)

We didn't care if people jeered. We were with Pee-wee. Damn it all, we were Pee-wee!