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Below: A checklist that would have come in handy
when taking calls at the Mojave Phone Booth

Explosive prose

As I read this booklet, I couldn't help hearing it in the voice of Michael Palin:

"There are a number of different terrorist organisations active in the London area and you will have to decide whether your company could be an attractive target for any of them.... Reports in the media will help you to assess the current level of terrorist activity."

"Outside the premises, `good housekeeping' is the order of the day. Do not let rubbish accumulate, especially on the pavement; it provides an ideal place in which to put a bomb. Shrubbery can also give good cover for a bomb, so don't let it become overgrown."

"You will have to try and gain further information from the call. Was it a drunk? Or a child? In such cases you would probably consider this a low risk call."

"If you have the slightest reason to believe an explosion is imminent, you will doubtless decide to implement the appropriate contingency plan."

"If you have evacuated and no explosion occurs you will in due course have to consider re-occupation."

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