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Naughty Ned,
the Pooping Pig

Does your keychain poop when you squeeze it? Want it to?

Um ... WHY??

Anyway, if that's what you crave, run down to Walgreen's and pick up a Naughty Ned.

No, I didn't buy it. It was a gift from The Dread Empress Faerie Queen, who remarked that she thought its face looked like Ned Beatty's.

The funny part is: she's never even seen Deliverance.

Poor Ned Beatty -- the pig really does look like him. (We're talking about from the front, here, just so there's no misunderstanding.)

Squeal like a pig, Ned!

Update, 15jun01: A hilarious letter from the purported originators of the pooping pig craze.
Like the pooping pig? How about a pooping cow?