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Bigpeeler on Fark

"Hey! Are you bigpeeler on Fark?" Cockeyed Rob wanted to know.

I would not have been able to process Rob's query had I not already heard from the Cardhouse Robot, who pointed me to a page on Fark ("Photoshop something interesting and put it here"), where people were Photoshopping the already Photoshopped "Tourist About to be Knocked Off the WTC" picture

that circled the Internet faster than one of those substances of which there is said to be a large enough quantity to circle the earth. Anyway, on that same Fark page for no evident WTC-related reason someone called "bigpeeler" offered up an entertaining Photoshopping of the already Photoshopped "So Freaking Happy..." I did for the Deuce of Clubs Book Club. Well, it entertained me, at least.

But I am not bigpeeler. I do not even own a bigpeeler.

(This way to more of that mean-spirited Photoshop Phun you've come to expect from schlubs like me...)

All this blue is rather pretty.