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(Thanks to Yma, and congratulations for not getting arrested for bringing grass into the country, some of it from the William Wallace Monument, which wouldn't have gladdened the hearts of the glassy-eyed federal mannequins handling "Homeland Security," had they possessed the tiny measure of intelligence it would have required to find it.)

Burn This

It's July 4th, 2002, yet another Fourth of July on which it seems callously hypocritical to celebrate freedom in a country where so little freedom remains. In these post-Bill of Rights days, a few blades of grass from Bannockburn are worth more than all the fireworks from Washington, D.C. to Sacramento. At Bannockburn, under Robert the Bruce, Scottish rebels destroyed an English army that outnumbered them three to one. These blades, kindly smuggled into the country by Yma, are offered here in the hope that before too many years pass there might once again be a place on the earth where people who want to be free can go.

Toward that end, we also offer a link to: