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(One day I will tell you the true story of The Professor, the Rock Concert, and the Blown Eardrums.)

1928 Flavor

Hyperfocused market share targeting: the narrow demographic consisting of those who

  • remember 1928

  • remember the taste of Dubble Bubble

  • remember that it is not still 1928 (optional)

  • retain a sense of taste

  • retain at least two teeth

  • retain an interest in blowing bubbles outside of a bathtub

  • are comfortable with any person, real or fictional, called "PUD."
Anyone meeting the preceding qualifications is ordered to report to the year 1928 for forced sterilization.
(Ex-professional baseball players are excepted.)

Actually, let's scratch the second qualification; Dubble Bubble loses its flavor so fast that I can't remember the flavor of the piece I chewed ninety seconds ago.

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