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Look! A Lamb

This lamb superball was discovered recently on the streets of San Francisco -- they say it all comes back to Bush (Bush Street, that is) -- by Babs, who could not resist the urge to hurl it into heavy traffic. It is a superball, after all.

But everywhere that Babsy went, the lamb ball was sure to follow:
Later she was telling a friend about the ball and just afterward, up the street about ten feet, there it was. ("Close enough for me to see it and almost taste its delicious little color scheme.")

Now she has given the lamb ball to me. I like the lamb ball. But the urge to throw is strong...

Update, sometime later:

...very strong.

We were in Hollywood. So was the lamb ball. So was Spiderman, in front of the Chinese theater.

How do you not throw a superball at Spiderman's ass?

Don't ask us, 'cos we don't know.

Lamb ball, you are missed.

(Note: That's not the lamb ball on Spiderman's ass. It's a fanny pack. It's true, kids: Spiderman wears a butt-bag.)