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Sam Meranto is a longtime Phoenix TV Hypnosis Informercial Pitchmeister.

It seems that Sam Meranto is now using his amazing powers for ... Real Estate.

Now, from the alphabet that brought you Sam Meranto, it's: Sal Meranto.

Sal Meranto is all about Experience. Sal Meranto is a hairdresser.

Sure, you could "Experience the Difference" at another hair salon (or any of the skillion other establishments using that slogan); but are you Zen (or Derrida? or Jimi Hendrix) enough to experience the experience?

Sal Meranto, I have a suggestion for a replacement slogan for you. Tell me what you think:

Sal Meranto: There, but for the grace of a single consonant, goes Sam Meranto.

...and, uh ... Get a Haircut!

On last night's episode ("Bart on the Road") of The Simpsons (not The Simpson's), Marge was watching an infomercial that said, "... and with my patented seminar, you will learn to corner the real estate market through hypnosis!" Which reminded me that I'd forgotten to post these photos.





(Phoenix, AZ)