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(At first I thought, "What's the picture of green toilet paper on there for?")

The Nail in My Purse
When I reach down in my purse
Searching for money or a key
I'm glad to find this nail instead,
A reminder of what was done for me.

A tiny symbol of His nail pierced hands
And the blood He shed for me,
I know it held Him to the cross
And I know it was for me.

The Nail in My Purse


I'm convinced most people have an uncanny ability to call to mind a 2,000-year-old execution without actually having to get stabbed in the finger with a nail, but I know there are people who need external aids (they're called Baptists) and it's hard to fit a Flannelgraph in a purse. A relative of mine has been very ill, so some compassionate religous person presented her with a ten-penny nail. It's the obvious response when confronted with the idea of mortality (just ask Roy Batty from Blade Runner). Because who doesn't understand how a nail stored in a dangerously inapproprate place could be helpful in time of need? Spiritually, I mean. For example, when I'm looking for money or a key, I know it's really better if instead I jab the shit out of my finger. It's a perfect occasion for deep religious reflection, followed by a trip to the emergency room to update my tetanus booster. Or would be, if I could just find my keys, let's see [digs around in pockets] OW GOD DAMN IT DEEP RELIGIOUS REFLECTION THANK YOU JESUS OW OW!