Oracular Journey
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About four miles down U.S. 60, I stopped to check on my compatriots, something I can't do while pulling BOB. See, besides being a handy pack-mule, BOB had the additional feature of acting as a damn gyroscope, making it difficult for me to turn around while riding--at least without dropping the whole rig on the pavement.

I stopped in front of a small pizza place & waited. B & G showed up a while later. Gail suggests stopping for pizza. Sure, Gail--we've only got about ninety miles ahead of us. Why not have lunch after four miles?!?

Burford & Gail decide it's time for their lives to change. Burford vows to take up regular physical exercise; Gail vows to give up smoking. This sounds great for the future. It doesn't look good for today.

Nevertheless, after a short rest, we set off again.

After a few more miles, I stopped at a roadside monument I'd always meant to read. Wagner searches in vain for signs of the Burford and Gail contingent.
Here's Wagner, the Mongoose, and BOB. BOB is loaded down with 24 pounds of water and two full packs.

I don't recommend it.

The monument turns out to be courtesy of the Daughters of the Confederacy! Turns out U.S. 60 used to be called "Jefferson Davis Highway." Geez, I'm thinking, we can't have gone that far south already!