Even When You Think It's Obvious You're Joking

I received an e-mail from a concerned citizen:
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998
From: James Patella
Subject: "World, Shut Your Mouth!" - French edition

Interesting site...It's great to know America isn't the only country with imbeciles in the high orifices....err...offices of political power.

Anyway...from what little I remember of my High School French classes 4 years ago, I'm thinking the English translation you have of the French response to your questionnaire might be a little inaccurate. I didn't really take too in depth of a look at it, but in the last sentence I don't believe they're referring to "the Millers." From High School, I seem to remember "meilleur" being used in the context of the superlative, so I'd guess that it's saying something to the effect of "my best sentiments," or more simply, "my best wishes."

I could be wrong, I just thought I'd fill you in on what (I think) I remember. If you're interested you could take it to http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com/ and see what their translator makes of it.

James Patella

Well, James, your concern on behalf of the French language is laudable, and in response, I would just like to say:

No DUH, Vance!

Unless you were kidding & thought it was obvious. In which case, bygones, paybacks, &c.

Regardless, I decided to follow your suggestion & run the French text through Babelfish. Here's what got spit up onto shore:

"Your letter came well has Mr. President of the French Republic. Give the responsability to answer you, I regret to fair you to know that it cannot be takes action on your request. Indeed, you will understand that its heavy load does not make it possible to the President of the Republic to personally answer has all the identical requests has there your. Want agreer, Sir, the expression of my sincerity."
I will match the accuracy of my translation against that of Babelfish any day!

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