Henry Moore in footwear form

Reclining lady sculpture?

Wagner looking arch (L); shoe lacking arch (R).
What's that statue, no not the one on the left, the one not pictured here, the one that's shaped sort of like that shoe there, only not tilted, a stylized sculpture of a woman, if by stylized we mean more or less lumpy, I want to say by Picasso, or Henry Moore, or maybe even Paolo Soleri? Woman reclining? Reclining woman? Can't find a picture of the one I'm thinking of.


UPDATE, aug2019


Imagine that shoe tapping its toe end as fifteen YEARS pass.


Search engines are better now. It is Henry Moore I was thinking of and the sculpture is called Recumbent Figure (1938).


I meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean ... the shoe suggested it, okay? Ya gotta take into account Moore's entire oeuvre, okay? Oh, whatever.