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Mexico City, New Mexico

(Existence as yet unconfirmed)

Ace Researcher Lazlo Nibble reports:

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I'm happy to report that (per my 1965 edition of "New Mexico Place Names") there is no place called "Mexico City" or "New Mexico City" in New Mexico. The one place definitely named for another state is Kentucky Mesa, NM, which was homesteaded in 1910 by Kentuckians. You might also count Texico, which is on the NM/TX border. There was apparently a Virginia or Virginia City for a short time after the civil war but there are no good records of its location.

There are a lot of Spanish-derived place names shared with other locations but which weren't named after those other places:

-- Cuba, NM -- Spanish, "trough" or "tank"
-- Colorado , NM -- named for local red dirt/rocks
-- Florida, NM -- Spanish, "flowery"
-- Frisco, NM -- derived from St. Francis -< San Francisco
  (plus many other saint-derived "San(ta) (Something)" names)
-- Las Vegas, NM -- Spanish; "The Meadows"
-- Sacramento, NM -- from "El Santismo Sacramento", the Most Blessed Sacrament

What remains are places named for other U.S. cities, or for places outside the U.S.:

-- Albuquerque, NM (after Albu(r)querque, small Spanish town, via Don Francisco Fernandez de la Cueva Enrique, 10th Duke of Alburquerque)
-- Des Moines, NM
-- Detroit, NM (Post Office 1889-1892)
-- England, NM (Post Office April-December 1881)
-- Guam, NM (Post Office 1902-1914, renamed to Perea)
-- Hebron, NM (Post Office 1902-1920, named for the Palestinean city)
-- Holland, NM (Post Office 1905-1917)
-- Hollywood, NM (Post Office est. May 22, 1926 and named after Hollywood, FL by first postmaster, George A. Freidenbloom)
-- Illinois Camp, NM (named for Illinois Oil Co., which drilled in the area)
-- Lesbia, NM (named for the Aegean island, home of poetess Sappho)
-- Luxor, NM (railroad siding E of Deming, no longer used)
-- Madrid, NM (pron. MAD-rid, *may* be named for Spanish city OR for Madrid family ca. 1500-1700.)
-- Miami, NM (settled by group from Miami County, Ohio)
-- Pep, NM (possibly named for the breakfast cereal)
-- Piggly Wiggly Canyon (um...)
-- Sedan, NM (named for Sedan, KS by original homesteader/postmaster)
-- Sunspot, NM (named for Sacramento Peak solar research observatory)
-- Truth or Consequences, NM (often "T. or C."; named for the radio game show, later a tv program)
-- Waterloo, NM (Post Office 1911-1922; almost certainly named for another Waterloo but not clear which one)

Finally, there's Lake Burford, a/k/a Stinking Lake. (How did that get in there?)

Hope this helps,