From: KipBurrus
To: Deuce of Clubs
Subject: RE: one last s.o.s.
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998
Importance: high

I can store whip it! in my back driveway down here in sunny St. Joe, but to get it down here...aye, there's the rub, matey.

Lemme know schmo how ya wanna go: sto' yo' vehico en San Joe o no, bro'? P.S. no requiro dinero to stow, pero yo quiero dough to tow...

Kippo the MagiClown

Here's Kip.
Here's TomCat, aka Spanky.
Here they are at Pier 26, rescuing Whip It! from feckless, art-car-hating tenants.