Happy Trails with Roy & Some Dead Horses
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A Roy Rogers floaty pen.

(This is the inside of Roy's cowboy-pimp-JFK-assassination-mobile.)

A Roy Rogers smashed penny.

A Roy Rogers smashed dime!

(The caption of this postcard is "Is She Thinking of Me or Tom Mix.")
Expensive buncha RoyJunk!

A pen, a pin, 3 postcards, and a refrigerator magnet for almost 11 bucks. (The smashed coins were separate.)

(Sold by Roy's grandson, or great-grandson, something.)

Update, 2004: The Roy Rogers museum has departed Victorville in favor of Geezerville -- Branson, Missouri. Rob sent photos of the demolition site:

Greiner Pontiac had better be a very entertaining Pontiac dealership, is all I have to say.