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16 May 1998: Archaeologist (no, for real!) Kurt Heidelberg treks to the Booth for some funtime excavation.

C O N T E S T !

Buried at the Mojave Phone Booth Site is the wading pool PonyBoy sent to me earlier this year.

The person who digs up the pool & mails it back to deuce of clubs (p.o. box 250, tempe, AZ 85280-0250) wins a special Wagnerian prize--as well as mention on this site, including photo(s) of the excavation. (Supplying those will be up to you, naturally).

(Shouldn't be too difficult to find--the gravesite is marked by totemistic objects, including the pair of shoes that always seems to be hanging around the phone booth (leave those there, ok?), official Mojave Desert Eye Protectors supplied by PonyBoy herself (yours to keep), a rock, and a generous supply of popsicle stix.)