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Here's a beautiful work by Frank Bruno:

The Return of the Nephilims

Here is Bruno's description of the painting:
Hebrew -- Nephilims "The Fallen Ones." Sumerians -- Powerful race of people known as the Annunaki, "Those who from heaven to earth came." Zechariah Sitchin -- Ancient cultures had contact with the human race. In modern idiom, we would refer to these extraterrestrials as ETs.

Gen. 6
Documents fallen angels mating with daughters of men. Their offspring were "mighty men of renown" and very evil.

God must destroy all mankind, except Noah's uncontaminated family, because the human genetic design had been compromised.

The root of Nephilim means "the dead." Some authorities believe what we call demons are not evil or fallen angels, but the result of this union between these fallen angels and earth women.

Again, spiritual emissaries en force, masquerading as extraterrestrials, will appear, as it was in the days of Noah, "with all power and signs of lying wonders." This massive hoax was characterized by Jesus Christ as the overwhelming deception that will occur in the end of time. Everywhere evidence mounts -- the world is being made ready for their return.