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Steve Dirkx

The Butcher's Covers


The Butcher's Covers consists almost entirely of inventive sonic assemblages of Beatles songs snippets (hence the title, taken from the popular name for the banned cover of Yesterday and Today, whereon the Beatles posed as demonic butchers).

While not all the samplings are from Beatles songs (for example, "Gooooo toooooo the WEENdow!" is from the Beatles film Help! "HA-ha!" is Nelson's laugh from The Simpsons, and a few borrowings are from ex-Beatle solo work), almost every element is a recognizable clip from a Beatles tune. In fact, it's surprising how easy it is to name the source of almost every element. This recognizability is a fairly reliable gauge of the degree to which Beatles songs have penetrated popular culture.

Not to say that many ordinary folks find this sort of effort entertaining. "Sounds like the product of a wasted life," was the estimation of one ordinary person I consulted. Well, screw ordinary folks, I say.

For obvious reasons, this CD is not commercially available. But if you're interested in getting hold of a copy, send an e-mail to Deuce of Clubs & we'll see whether we can't hook you up. Update: 14jan2007 Steve isn't making any more copies of The Butcher's Covers but is not opposed to others making them, or possibly hosting them somewhere on the web. If you're interested in filling that need, please contact Deuce of Clubs.

(23oct2006: Senor Dirkx has posted a number of videos at ewe toob)

(09mar2005: Another Dirkx effort is to be found in the I Shit My Pants section)

(22oct2003 -- Further hookup: download these free Beatles mashups by The Kleptones. Personal favorite: "Madonna." That collision of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Sexy Sadie" is downright CREEPY.)

(Thanks to Raven Dine'yazhe Chacon for the head's-up.)


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