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Florence Foster Jenkins

The Glory (????) of the Human Voice

(RCA Victor)


Wagner lounges poolside with The Glorious Human Voice, wishing he had written something in her range. ("... mit der gas turned on," grouses W.)

What I consider the essence of Florence Foster Jenkins, and what I love about her:

This album is perfect but for one thing: the "(????)" in the title. The voice of Florence Foster Jenkins is glorious, dammit --- naif, faux-naif, or otherwise. But Florence can sing her own praises: if you have a player that plays MP3Pro files (there's a free WinAmp plug-in), you can hear her signature tune, "Like a Bird," with lyrics written by Ms. Jenkins herself.
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"Some may say that I couldn't sing, but no one can say that I didn't sing."
-- Florence Foster Jenkins

When you listen to side 2 you might think you're listening to:

You would be wrong. But not far wrong. You would be listening, rather, to the earnest warblings of Mr. Thomas Burns, evidently a generous contributor to the opera company. At times his voice is so shaky that it sounds as if he recorded his vocals while exercising on a treadmill.

That may not sound like your thing. How can you know for sure until you try it?

Believe it or don't, you can Order This Album (on CD)

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