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Little Jimmy Scott

Live in New Orleans



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The MC's introduction alone would be enough to make me happy with this CD: "Here's the guy who really gave whipped cream its personality!"

Little Jimmy Scott (later just plain Jimmy Scott) is the man whom many thought was a woman. He isn't, but he sometimes sounds like one, and perhaps even looks a little like one (the result of a rare disease called Kallman's Syndrome).

The thing no one questions is Jimmy's singing. Nobody phrases like Jimmy Scott. He can take a three-minute song, stretch it to five, and make it seem like two. Gorgeous stuff. (Twin Peaks fans remember Jimmy from Fire Walk With Me.)

This CD has its flaws; for example, there's too much stuff that isn't Jimmy Scott (too many band instrumentals). On the other hand, it's an interesting document of a New Orleans nightclub night in 1951. And it's Jimmy Scott. So.


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