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Jim Kweskin

Side By Side

(Mountain Railroad Records)


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Not Kreskin. Not Kreskin. Kweskin. Not a mind reader, but a devotee of a mindfucker. Not the type of music you might expect from a fanatical follower of a cult leader.

Well, I don't know ... what kind of music would you expect from a fanatical devotee of a cult leader? Kweskin, formerly of the Jug Band, used to follow (and perform with) allegedly deceased cult fuhrer / eccentric blues harmonica player Mel Lyman. Lyman devotees used to perform on Kweskin albums as "The Lyman Family," of whom Kweskin once famously said,

"The Manson family preached peace and love and went around killing people.
We don't preach peace and love . . . "

(See David Felton, ed., Mindfuckers, pp. 155ff.)

Such a screwball quotation doesn't prepare you for Kweskin's music, pleasant old tunes, pleasantly covered -- more or less after the manner of a slightly citified Leon Redbone. Except Redbone never proselytized on behalf of the author of Autobiography of a World Savior. At least, not as far as I know . . .


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