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Ken Nordine

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Back in the eighties I was trying to hunt down recordings by Ken Nordine, but was having no luck. Finally someone pointed me to Snail Records, out of Chicago. I went to the library and looked up Snail's phone number in a Chicago phone book & headed immediately home to call. When the person on the other end of the line picked up, I couldn't believe my ears: there is no mistaking the sound of Ken Nordine's voice.

"You're Ken Nordine!" was my intelligent observation.

In his familiar baritone, Nordine said simply, "How 'bout that?"

He was kind enough to talk with me for half an hour or so, about subversion and Disneyland, mostly. (I'd like to listen in on a conversation about all things Disney between Nordine and T-Bone Burnett.)

I haven't said anything about the CD.

Well ... if you have wandered Deuce of Clubs & favor the sort of things favored here, then it is a safe bet that you will be happy with Word Jazz.


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