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The Powerpuff Girls - Heroes & Villains

(Cartoon Network)


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It took me a long time to return this to the person from whom I borrowed it for ages and I still wasn't tired of it, so I had to get one of my own. You don't have to like cartoons in general or this one specifically to like these songs. You might be sick to death of the Simpsons-ish overmarketing of the Powerpuff Girls. But you will like "The Powerpuff Girls End Theme" (by Bis), "Signal in the Sky" (by The Apples in Stereo), and especially Frank Black's ominous "Pray for the Girls." There's also a song featuring the Optigan and references to Shooby Taylor (!) and a typically off-kilter tempo song from Komeda, and why haven't I included Komeda in this section yet? And Shonen Knife, too -- I mean, what am I thinking, here, anyway?


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