Note: Deuce of Clubs associate Gail W. recently became Wagner's caregiver in a nearby mental health facility. After guiding Wagner through the successful completion of his "treatment," Gail coded and dispatched these touching pages to Wagner's support system -- Deuce of Clubs -- who publish them here as a public service urging those who need help to seek it out. (Howie?)

21 May, 1998:

Wagner goes to the Psychiatric Acute Care Unit

Wagner meets with a friendly psychiatrist (whom we will call Dr. Ratz*):

Wagner: I believe the FBI has put wires in my skull to monitor my every thought and move.

Dr. Ratz: Richard, it's all in your head.

Wagner: Exactly!

Doc thought it best if Wagner checked into the lock-down Psychiatric Acute Care Unit; Wagner's hallucinations and paranoia were such that he was deemed gravely disabled.

Wagner gets probed...

* randomly chosen name with no relation to squiggly drawn cartoon psychologist.